Jean Ann Larson

Executive and Organizational Development Consultant, Speaker and Author

Dr. Jean Ann Larson, BSIE, MBA, Ed.D, FACHE, LFHIMSS is an award winning author, speaker and healthcare executive with a passion for helping executive teams realize and harness the potential that they as transformational leaders can bring to their organizations. Her perfect client is a C-suite executive who might be a CEO, COO, CNO or CMO who realizes that their leadership team’s ability to lead is a key competitive advantage that enables transformational change in their organization. These executives have the courage to work with their teams to put aside egos and personal agendas to improve their effectiveness, productivity and results leading to dramatically higher ROIs for their organizations.

With her unique blend of experience, education and skills in operations and leadership, she has been helping executives improve their leadership effectiveness for years. Jean Ann is a master at challenging and helping teams break through their self-imposed barriers in order to realize their power and ability to lead their organizations.

She facilitates breakthrough thinking and leadership for executive teams through executive retreats, strategy development, and customized learning events that provide both learning and dramatic improvements in collaboration and bottom line results.Her most requested themes for executive teams include:

  • Leading Your Team through Challenging Times
  • Building the Executive Team – Influencing, Leading and Getting Results through Others
  • Envisioning the Path Forward: Implementing Effective Transformational and Organizational Change
  • Achieving Results through Others: Improving Soft Skills for Healthcare Change Leaders
  • Learning from the Best: Lessons in Leadership from 50 Leaders in the Field
  • Mastering Your EQ – Using Emotional Intelligence to Lead Transformational Change
  • Navigating the Changing Dynamics of the Intergenerational Workforce: Strategies for the Highly Productive Organization

Jean Ann has several certifications in leadership development, team assessments and diagnostics to help build individual and team-based awareness including:

TTI Success Insights

  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
  • Certified Motivators/Driving Forces Analyst
  • Certified Professional TTI Trimetrix HD Analyst – A combination of 3 sciences including acumen and how you see and respond to the world around you
    Certified Professional Emotional Quotient Analyst

Franklin Covey Facilitator

  • Seven Habits for Highly Effective People
  • Focus: Achieving Your Priorities
  • The 4 Disciplines of Execution
  • Managing Trust

Basadur Applied Creativity

  • Certified Creative Problem-Solving Profile Administrator

Spectrum Assessments, LLC

  • Affiliate Certified Axiological Practitioner

Jean Ann has an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and started her healthcare career as a process engineer for a large health system. She also has an international MBA from the Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management. And, in order to complete her ability to lead change more effectively and to work with executive teams, in 2011 she completed a rigorous doctoral program with Pepperdine University in California in Organizational Change and Leadership. Her research centers on professional transitions and transformations.

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