Organizational Development and Change

Dr. Jean Ann Larson learned in the early years of her consulting practice that getting good results was more than just putting good tools and smart people together.  To get good results, she quickly found that we need engage people in the change process, which as most of us now know is easier said than done.  Her approaches to change are intentionally designed to integrate people, key processes and organization culture.

Dr. Larson understands that we all perceive and react to change in our own unique ways and based upon her research on transition, she has developed an 8 factor change readiness profile for individuals and teams aimed at helping leaders understand how they and others experience and lead change.  She firmly believes that for our organizations to grow, our change efforts must be effective.  To do this we must continuously redesign our processes, develop our people, leverage new technology and make sure that we are creating the culture and environment that enables the organization and each team member to thrive.

Jean Ann has over 30 years in the field of organizational change and received her doctorate in Organization Change from Pepperdine University.  She has the unique ability to combine best practices from her experience and practice with the current best thinking from research and academia to help you be better able to lead and manage change.

Some offerings in this area include:

  • Change readiness assessments and facilitating change for leaders and teams
  • The 8 Factor Change Readiness Workshop and Profile
  • Individual and team change development and coaching
  • Team building and change skills development
  • Workshops such as Effective Change Leadership
  • Executive team facilitation and retreats
  • Building EQ for Change Leaders
  • Reengineering and Process redesign consulting and workshops
  • Dynamic Communication for Teams

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