OPRHCT_1The health care industry offers many opportunities to streamline processes, and improve quality and safety while reducing costs.

However achieving these goals is not easy. This book provides a framework for organizational change to enable senior leaders to reengineer and transform their health care organizations. It presents proven and effective approaches and methodologies for leadership teams to help their organizations transform, thrive and grow. It goes beyond process improvement and other organizational change approaches, and it offers an integrated holistic approach that delivers sustainable results. The approach described in this book has already helped many large health care organizations dramatically improve their effectiveness by creating new service lines, lines of business, population health initiatives, new care management models, as well as implementing game changing solutions and technology.

Health systems are some of the most complex organizations in business. While most health care transformation books are conceptual rehashing of the same problems that have plagued this industry for decades, Dr. Larson’s book offers a refreshingly practical roadmap with real solutions that any health care organization should find beneficial.
— Ivo Nelson, CEO and Chairman, Next Wave Heath

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A recognized expert in the field of process improvement and change in healthcare, Dr. Jean Ann Larson’s most recent book is the well-received Management Engineering – A Guide to Best Practices for Industrial Engineering in Health Care, published by CRC Press in December 2013. The book presents seminal work in the field of Management Engineering in Healthcare, enriched by both retrospective and forward-looking practices by leading practitioners in the field. The book provides an overview of the unique and invaluable role that process improvement specialists, industrial engineers and management engineers play in health care organizations. It describes tried and true approaches, tools and techniques used in leading health care organizations through the use of clear descriptions and detailed case studies.

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